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5 Tools No Gardner Should be Without

February 02, 2013 1 min read

5 Tools No Gardner Should be WithoutWinter is the perfect time to stock up on the things you will need once the frost subsides and the northerly winds taper. Spring will be here before you know it, so don’t be caught off guard without these important garden tools:

  1. Trowel – a small hand shovel used to transport and plant bulbs, annuals and small perennials. They are also useful for breaking up soil.
  2. Spade – is similar to a shovel and usually larger than a trowel. It is primarily used for edging and breaking up soil in larger beds.
  3. Cultivator – is used to break up soil and help with weeding. They can also help in mixing in fertilizers. Tillers are for deeper digging and breaking up larger areas of soil.
  4. Shovel – is best for planting medium sized and larger perennials, shrubs and trees. Don’t give yourself carpal tunnel using a little trowel for this. Getting a decent shovel is much easier and will save you time and possibly pain!
  5. Pruners – are mainly used for trimming perennials and small and mid-sized shrubs. Buying a quality pair with sharp blades that can be used on everything from daisies to Boxwoods is usually more economical than buying separate, less quality tools for different plants. Loppers are used for larger shrubs and trees.

Having these tools on hand along with a garden action plan will have you organized and ready to go once spring arrives!

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