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Sound like an Expert: Glossary of Garden Terms you Should Know

January 03, 2013 2 min read

Glossary of Basic Garden TermsShopping for plants can be an overwhelming practice for the beginning gardener. With all that there is to choose from, picking the correct species can be a fun, yet time consuming experience.

Becoming familiar with some basic landscaping jargon can help take some of the confusion out of the process. It may also have you looking and sounding like an expert – even if you’re not!

Here are some common garden terms you may not know:

Annuals: are plants that live for only one growing season. They generally need to be replaced with new plants each year.

Deciduous: trees and shrubs are those that lose their leaves and go dormant during the cold season.

Double Flower: is a bloom that was bred to have more petals than the average flower. It sometimes looks like a flower within a flower.

Cultivar: are plant selections that have been created by breeding specific plants with desirable qualities and/or are maintained by selective breeding.

Habit: is the basic shape or form that a tree or shrub takes on. Example, conical, mounded, spreading, etc.

Hardscape: are the static, inanimate objects in landscapes most commonly referred to when speaking of patios, walkways and sheds.

Hardiness Zone: is the temperature zone in which your plant is likely to survive. You can find out what temperature zone you live in here.

Perennials: are plants that come back year after year. Although depending upon the species, might need to be replanted or divided every few years.

Xeriscape: is a landscape that is designed to conserve water. Generally plants are very drought tolerant in xeriscapes.

Variegated: are the striations and color patterns in plant foliage. Ex... a leaf that is plain green is not variegated. One that has green and white stripes… is!

Hopefully these terms have cleared up some confusion. Or perhaps just reassured what you already knew as you head out into the wonderful world of gardening.

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