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‘Tis the Season! Getting the Most from Your Evergreens

December 02, 2012 2 min read

We all love our evergreens, especially during the winter. They are often the saving grace in our landscape, offering beauty, life, and most importantly – green!

Getting the Most from your Evergreens!

Even though evergreens are known to withstand and maintain their beauty through winter, doesn’t mean they are indestructible. While they may not be growing during the off season, they are transpiring. Which means they can become susceptible to drying out, otherwise known as – desiccation. Evergreens that are situated in a particularly cold or windy spot can benefit from an anti-desiccant. This spray will seal in moisture and as a bonus, deter deer and other garden pests.

Evergreen boughs that have broken off the plant, or that have been pruned (keep in mind, the majority of pruning should be done in early spring) makes a great cover for sensitive ground covers. Just lay them over the area to be protected and secure.

Broad leafed species such as azaleas and rhododendrons can benefit from a little extra winter protection from their evergreen brethren. Take boughs from narrow leaved varieties and stick the broken ends into the ground around the base of the shrub. Tie together the tops of the boughs to make a little tent-like plant shield!

Keep in mind, if you use a live Christmas tree, boughs cut from it after the Holidays can work great!

Place flags or visible stakes by evergreens that border drives and streets so that snow plows and blowers don’t run into them.

While snow can provide efficient protection from excessive cold and wind, too much snow can weigh down and crack branches and smaller tree trunks. If your evergreens are struggling to stand up under the weight of a heavy snow fall, shake off some excess to relieve the pressure.

If you take good care of your plants during winter, you’ll be for EverGreen!

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