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Getting Creative with Container Gardening!

July 24, 2013 2 min read

Nothing spruces up an otherwise dreary deck or patio like potted plants! The world of container gardening is especially exciting because not only do you transform your outdoor spaces, but you can create a different theme each year! For instance, one spring you might decide to go tropical(link) and use plants like dieffenbachia, palms and crotons for a lush jungle effect. The next year, you might go all out with annuals and perennials that flower profusely all season long.

You can even use small shrubs like spruce and junipers in symmetry to flank an entryway for a grand and formal appearance. Or… create a small herb garden for fresh spices grown right at home!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to container gardening. But, there are some basic guidelines to get the most out of your potted oasis no matter what theme you choose.

Keep in mind that you don’t always need to use the standard terra cotta pot. Although they are nice, there are SO many other varieties to choose from. And if you don’t want to break the bank, use things from around the home for a truly eclectic look and feel…

  • -Old soup or coffee cans
  • -An old pair of rubber garden shoes or boots
  • -Old watering cans
  • -Jars and vases
  • -Your kids old wagon they never use anymore
  • -Wheelbarrows
  • -Galvanized tubs
  • -Wooden boxes or crates (You can even paint these for a truly unique and ‘you’ effect!)

Basically anything that will hold a plant and some soil should work. Just be sure there is proper drainage by drilling some holes. When you are dealing with plastic and other non-breathable material, the more drainage holes the better!

Select proper plants that will be able to handle the environment in which they will live in regards to sun and wind conditions. Generally, plants that sit higher on shelves or hang will dry out more quickly. Daily watering might be required during the hottest months.

Fertilizing isn’t just for your yard. In fact, potted plants need more fertilization because they can’t pull any natural nutrients from the earth. If you use a synthetic form like Miracle Gro, make sure that you continue it on a regular basis throughout the year. You may choose to use organic compost or fertilizer which will require fewer applications and is best for plants that you may eventually eat – like herbs.

Adding potted plants on your deck or patio will bring about beauty and serenity. And getting creative with your containers makes that part of your gardening almost as exciting as the plants themselves!

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