Coming Spring 2020!


We have a curated collection of our favorite old roses and new varieties all on their own roots so that they will never produce suckers or have the worry of changing back into a root stock variety. These roses will most likely out live us all and give years of lovely color and scent! 

The old roses are propagated and grown with love here at our nursery in Oregon. Each one with it's own unique history and story! The new varieties are our pride and joy, chosen for their hue and hardiness. We have these varieties planted in a farm, grown and cut for locals and florists. They produce strong canes and blooms all season long, the are perfect for a cut garden. This is what makes my heart sing, sharing what I truly love with all of you! These new varieties are more resistant to disease and bloom all summer into fall, we even had a few blooms after some frosty nights this last year! 

Each rose we have is rooted and sold in a 6x6 pot. 

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