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Boyne Raspberry
Boyne Raspberry
Boyne Raspberry

Boyne Raspberry

Rubus idaeus 'Boyne'

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A popular variety that delivers an early harvest, the Boyne Raspberry plant is winter hardy, making it an excellent selection for home gardeners!

  • Vibrant red, medium-sized berries
  • Sweet flavor
  • Early harvest
  • Easy to grow
  • Winter hardy
  • Great for eating fresh, as garnish or for canning

Beautiful and sweet berries

The raspberries that this plant produces are bright red in color and sweet to the taste—all the qualities you want in fresh fruit!

Great fresh, as garnish, for freezing or canning

The medium-sized berries are a lovely choice for garnishing pies.  These berries are also ideal for freezing or canning.  Furthermore, the sweet taste of the Boyne Raspberry variety lends well to the creation of delicious jams and jellies.  And, of course, they’re fantastic when picked and eaten fresh!

Healthy fruit supports wellbeing

Raspberries are known to support a healthy diet.  Planting the Boyne Raspberry will bring you more than just gardening enjoyment.  Enjoy the nutritional benefits of this fruit, too!

Early season harvest

The Boyne Raspberry plant offers an early harvest, allowing you to enjoy the fruits of your labor much earlier in the season than you would with other raspberry varieties.

Easy to grow and winter hardy

The Boyne Raspberry plant is easy to grow.  One advantage is its resistance to winter conditions.  While other varieties struggle to withstand snow and colder conditions, the Boyne Raspberry plant will stay strong.  What a smart choice for first-time fruit growers!

If you’re looking for a sweet red raspberry variety that will stay strong through the winter, try the Boyne Raspberry plant—you’ll simply love it!

Botanical Name:Rubus idaeus 'Boyne'
Growing Zones:3 - 8
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Light Requirements:Full Sun to Partial Shade
Mature Height:4 ft.
Mature Spread:4 ft.
Growth Rate:Fast
Blooms:Spring, Summer
Characteristics:Very cold hardy, Superior disease resistance