Our Guarantee

We promise to only send you high quality, well rooted, healthy plants. If, in the rare case your plants are damaged upon arrival, or you are not completely satisfied, contact us within 7 days and a full refund or exchange will be issued for those plants.  

In order to keep our prices as low as possible, and offer you the best value online, we cannot be responsible for damage done to the plant due to extreme weather or neglect. You will receive healthy plants that are well rooted and ready to plant, and as long as proper care is given and hardiness zone recommendations are followed, you will have a thriving plant and will not be disappointed! 

However, we do understand that sometimes things just happen, and a plant may not always make it. If for any reason, such as weather or neglect, one or more of your plants do not survive through the year, we don't want to just leave you discouraged or frustrated. We wan't you to be encouraged and motivated to try it again! That is why we will offer you 30% off your entire next order if any of your plants don't survive! This can actually be more beneficial for you than just replacing a plant for plant. For example, say one plant, valued at $7, from your order didn't survive through the year. You will receive 30% off your next order. So if you make a  $100 order, that's a $30 credit that you will get for your $7 plant that didn't survive. That's like getting 4 free plants to replace the one that didn't make it! There is no order limit for the 30% credit.