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Desert Eve Yarrow

Desert Eve Yarrow

Achillea Desert Eve Red Improved

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Achillea Desert Eve Red Improved or Desert Eve Yarrow, is a striking perennial that will grow just about anywhere provided it gets enough sun. The plants are fairly low growing mounds of feathery leaves, but when the tall flower stems with their clusters of deep red flowers appear, this Yarrow turns from 'pretty' to 'spectacular'! Pick loads of flowers to use fresh or dried and enjoy the lovely, herby aroma of the leaves. This is a spectacular choice for a low-maintenance, yet colorful garden.

Botanical Name:Achillea Desert Eve Red Improved
Growing Zones:2 - 9
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Light Requirements:Full sun
Mature Height:18 in.
Mature Spread:18 in.
Growth Rate:Fast
Uses:Beds and borders, Erosion control, Low maintenance gardens, Cut flowers, Long bloom time
Characteristics:Deer resistant, Drought tolerant, Evergreen in warm climates, Attracts butterflies, Fragrant