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Blue Billow Hydrangea

Blue Billow Hydrangea

Hydrangea serrata Blue Billow

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Lace-cap hydrangeas (Hydrangea serrata Blue Billow) are a delight in any garden. In nature, this is a mountain species, so it tolerates cold better that the mophead hydrangeas. The lacy blue central flowers that give lace-caps their name are surrounded by big blue florets with sparkling petals, creating an interesting effect. Most blue hydrangeas want acid soils to retain their blue color, but lace-caps aren't as fussy. And although the plants grow quickly in summer, they don't get overly large. Along with the Oak-leaf hydrangea, this is one of the few species with good fall color.

Botanical Name:Hydrangea serrata Blue Billow
Growing Zones:5 - 9
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Light Requirements:Light shade
Mature Height:3 ft.
Mature Spread:3 ft.
Growth Rate:Fast
Uses:Informal hedges, Beds and borders, Specimen plant, Shady areas
Characteristics:Long bloom time, Fall color, Extremely showy, Tolerates most soils