About Us

The Greenhouse has a story that spans back through four generations. It's a legacy of flowers, a vibrant sea of gladiolas, grandfathers growing, cutting, selling bunches from a little yellow flower truck and Billy's father & uncle creating their own path in plants when they started a wholesale nursery in 1978. Billy grew up running through the grassy aisles of his father's nursery, working along side him and even selling plants on ebay when he was in middle school! You could say foliage is in his blood, but just as strong was his desire to create something of his own. With a mind for business, online commerce grew out of what he had always known, plants. The Greenhouse began in 2013 and each year since then we have learned so much. The nursery has been a big part of our marriage: leaving steady jobs to ship plants off the front porch while living in a camper, taking risks and being more than ok with whatever happened, because we knew we were pursuing what we loved, what brought joy, and that was working side by side. Since those porch shipping days, we have grown up, and together, started a family, and as the business has grown, so has our passion for what we get to do. We want this place, our nursery, to reflect who we are and the experience we want to give others. Our deepest desire is to share beauty. For it to be felt and given through the things that happen so beautifully, naturally... plants. 

Warmly, Laura & Billy