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Simple Guidelines for Gorgeous Spring Blooming Shrubs

February 20, 2013 2 min read

Nothing says spring-time like flowers! Walking through a beautiful garden center full of blooms can feel like paradise for the garden enthusiast. But don’t be surprised if you take that big beautiful Forsythia (for example) home and the blooms fall off promptly after planting. And don’t be discouraged either.


Planting is stressful on our foliaged friends. After all, they don’t know that they are being transported to a better environment and will forever remain under your loving care. This is why it is important to follow some basic guidelines to make the transition as smooth as possible.


  • Plant spring blooming shrubs in early fall. Okay, okay, the store shrub selection is usually much better in spring so keep reading if you are planting after any threat of late winter frosts….
  • If picking a plant off of the shelf, try and pick one that hasn’t bloomed yet. As previously mentioned, chances are if you pick one that is in bloom, the flowers will fall off due to the shock of transplanting.
  • Remove (deadhead) spent flowers before they turn to seed. This conserves energy and helps the plant build a stronger root system. This is especially important for newly planted shrubs.
  • Think about design. Plant spring bloomers where you lack color during this time of year. If you have room, plant near summer and fall blooming plants. If space is limited, go for a spring blooming shrub with fantastic foliage like that of certain Wiegla, or evergreens such as Mountain Laurel.
  • Spring is often a roller coaster ride as far as weather is concerned, and can even be hard on well established shrubs. Picking a well suited fertilizer, like one tailored made for Rhododendrons and Azaleas for example, will help the plant build beautiful lasting blooms.
  • If needed, prune and thin out your spring blooming shrubs as soon as your plants are done flowering.


With a little extra T.L.C. your spring blooming shrubs will look so fantastic they will make your daffodils and tulips jealous! Enjoy!


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