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The Greenhouse 'field notes'

Hyssop infused oil & bath salts

Hyssop infused oil & bath salts

August 05, 2023 2 min read

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Flower tie dye with Coreopsis

July 18, 2023 2 min read 3 Comments

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Understory | Perennial Plants for the Orchard

April 13, 2023 3 min read

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Medicine in the Garden | Echinacea

March 10, 2023 3 min read

We have been busy this first week of March as spring shipping for the nursery begins. The rhythm of the day is quickening and even though everything is still dormant and there's snowflakes here and there, it's the beginning of awaking, with the sun lingering a little longer and the first day of spring approaching. Inside I feel I'm waking up too, coming out of my hibernation of garden dreams for the year ahead and stepping into the action of it all. 
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For the Birds & the Bees

March 03, 2023 2 min read

We have a bee charmer across the street, a field dotted with white boxes, a chorus of humming. I imagine what the bees must see as they fly above the bramble hedge from his field to ours, a sea of ultraviolet, attracting them to the nectar within each flower.
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Spring Rose Care

February 21, 2023 4 min read 3 Comments

It's just about that time of year here in Oregon when the forsythia's bright yellow flowers bloom, telling us it's time to prune the roses! Here are a few things we can do this spring and throughout the year to care for our beloved rose bushes.
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Comfrey's glory!

February 19, 2023 2 min read

It's the end of February here in Oregon and Comfrey's green points have emerged from the ground. I started these plants from seed two years ago and dug them up today to divide and share why they are so dear.
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Easy Composting for the Beginner!

October 04, 2013 2 min read

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All You Need for a Butterfly Garden

August 29, 2013 2 min read

Creating butterfly habitats is a growing practice for many gardeners. The benefits include a garden with beautiful and diverse plants. As well as, giving our gorgeous insect pollinators a wonderful place to live and feel safe.

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Using Plants for Erosion Control

June 19, 2013 2 min read

Rains and wind can take a toll on the earth. And if your property has hills and slopes, you could be dealing with erosion problems.

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Blooms All Year Long

April 22, 2013 1 min read

Perennials have their advantages over annuals in that they grow back every year, eliminating the labor of planting and purchasing every season. The tricky part of using perennials is maximizing bloom time throughout the year.

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5 Garden Tips for Surviving Spring Frosts

February 25, 2013 1 min read

As plants break dormancy toward spring, fluctuating temperatures can leave them vulnerable to cold snaps. Luckily, there are some easy things you can do to help ensure your plants will make it through this precarious time of year...

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