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Dappled Willow
Dappled Willow
Dappled Willow

Dappled Willow

Salix integra 'Hakuro Nishiki'

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A vibrant willow that changes with the seasons
  • - Award-winning shrub brings striking colors to the garden
  • - Pink in spring, dappled in summer, yellow in fall, red in winter
  • - Allow it to blossom or keep it compact with simple pruning

Award-winning shrub
Highly regarded for its beauty, with slightly drooping branches reminiscent of the weeping
willow, the deciduous Dappled Willow has won many awards in its time.

Dramatic colors for every season
In spring, pink stems and buds emerge, with white and green tones arriving soon after, lending
this weeping shrub its ‘dappled’ moniker. Green begins to dominate toward the end of summer
but come fall yellow catkins appear. These shed, leaving dazzling red stems that brighten up
your garden in winter.

Easily maintained and pruned
From humble beginnings, this small shrub blossoms out. You can allow it to grow into a fabulous bush or simply prune it to keep it compact.

Fits in almost anywhere
The Dappled Willow is great for borders and hedges, also for privacy screening, or just as an aesthetic addition to the garden. It can be grown in small gardens, beside ponds, and even in

Best conditions for growth
This shrub grows well in full sun and partial shade. It can reach a mature height and spread of 12-15 ft.

A dazzling array of dappled colors and weeping branches enlivens your garden, bringing something different to each season!
Botanical Name:Salix integra 'Hakuro Nishiki'
Growing Zones:4-9
What's my zone?
Light Requirements:Full sun to partial shade
Mature Height:12-15 ft. (Can be kept smaller with pruning)
Mature Spread:12-15 ft. (Can be kept smaller with pruning)
Characteristics:Fast growing, Privacy hedge