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Your Basic Checklist for Winter Garden Clean Up!

November 30, 2012 2 min read

Performing a few maintenance and organizational tasks now, can save you time, money and stress next spring.

Here’s a quick checklist to make cleanup extra easy…

1. If you are in a warmer climate and still have plants growing, it’s not too late to pull weeds and invasive plants. Doing so now will save time and elbow grease next spring. Old and dead plant debris is a safe haven for insects and disease.

2. Water your garden and evergreens before and between the first frosts. (More on this at Overwintering Sensitive Plants)

3. Thinking of making a new garden bed or expanding your existing one? Simply lay down newspaper under a dark plastic tarp and top with bricks to keep in place. Next spring the lawn or area underneath will be decomposed and much easier to till and turn into a new bed!4. Make sure your garden tools are dry and clean while storing over winter.

5. Drain and store pumps from garden ponds. If you’re not overwintering your container plants, clean out your pots and bring them in to avoid cracking from the cold.

6. While memory is still fresh, make a rough diagram of your garden plants so you know exactly what you’re dealing with next spring.

7. After the first hard frost, lay down a 2 – 4” layer of organic mulch.

8. Ornamental Grasses that don’t add much winter interest or provide food for wildlife (ie, Zebra Grass), can be cut back to 3 – 4” inches.

9. Detach and drain outdoor hoses. This will prevent the faucets from bursting and keep your hoses in good shape for next year.

10. After the first hard freeze, wrap delicate plants like roses and azaleas in burlap and/or cover the base of plants with a mound of soil or mulch for extra protection.

Remember, the basic rule of (green) thumb is… less mess = less stress!

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