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Rosemary Plum Shrub

May 04, 2024 1 min read

Usually we are sharing about actual shrubs, but today it's about a concoction using any fruit you have, an herb and apple cider vinegar. Once this has steeped for week or so you use it to flavor sparkling water and this is called a shrub! 

First pick your fruit. I made this in the fall so I had plums galore, but depending on when you read this you can create a shrub with whatever fruit you have growing. It's spring right now and a strawberry rhubarb shrub would be delightful! 

You'll need one cup of fruit

A handful of an herb (fresh) Lemon balm is growing all over the place and would be so refreshing in a shrub.

You could also add grated ginger if you have some, but not necessary.

In a bowl add the finely chopped fruit and herbs then cover with 1 cup of sugar. Stir. Cover. Place in fridge.

After two days add 1 cup of apple cider vinegar and stir again then cover and leave in fridge for two days or more for a deeper flavor.

Stir mixture whenever you happen to be rummaging in the fridge. Twice a day would be good. 

Strain out all the herbs and fruit and store shrub in a jar with plastic lid. (Vinegar corrodes metal)

Add 1 oz to a glass of sparkling water for a cool drink made from your garden!

You can experiment with other sugars too like monk fruit or honey for a healthier option. 

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