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We have a curated collection of old roses along with a few beloved new varieties, all on their OWN ROOTS so that they will never produce suckers and you wont have to worry if they will change back into their root stock. 
The old roses were propagated May 2019 and grown with love here at our nursery in Oregon. Each one with it's own unique history and story!
The new varieties we chose for their lovely hues and hardiness. We have these varieties planted here on the land, to farm. Grown and cut for locals and florists. We adore them and are so happy to now have them available as potted roses as well. They produce strong canes and blooms all season long, perfect for a cut garden.
Every rose is rooted in a size 1 pot (6x6 inches) and the roses are 6in-12in tall. They have been in the Greenhouse all winter and are leafed out, ready to be planted and loved! 

Thank you for being here and being a part of the beginning of something so dear to me.


........All of them have sold  out fairly quickly. I will be doing a re count and updating the stock levels this weekend (april 3rd & 4th) Koko Loco & New Dawn will be ready end of May or June.......