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Arctic Snow Lavender
Arctic Snow Lavender
Arctic Snow Lavender

Arctic Snow Lavender

Lavandula angustifolia 'Arctic Snow'

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Classy summer flower brings fragrance and so much more

  • - Lavender’s renowned fragrance freshens up the garden
  • - Pure white flowers for a softer aesthetic
  • - Attracts a rich array of wildlife

Invigorating year-round
You’ll know summer has truly arrived when you catch first sight of this shrub’s pure white flowers. Not only that, they release an invigorating aroma, especially when brushed against. Outside of summer, the aromatic foliage keeps the air fresh and smelling sweet.

A beautiful contrast of colors
The white tubular flowers bloom in dense clusters, standing out against the laurel green foliage in a wonderful contrast that is eye-catching in full bloom.

Nature’s friend
Arctic Snow Lavender is popular with butterflies, bees, and a wide range of other pollenating insects, drawn to its rich stores of nectar and pollen. It also provides shelter and habitat for birds, so you’ll have plenty of friendly summer guests to your garden.

A versatile, resourceful shrub
This shrub is compact, growing to a height of 18-24 inches and a width of 12-18 inches. This makes it the perfect hedging for paths and borders, while the flowers can be cut to make stylish arrangements.

Lasts through summer and winter
Arctic Snow Lavender excels in full sun. Drought tolerant, it lasts through hot summers with ease. This hardy shrub is an evergreen that will make itself comfortably at home in your garden.

A springy, aromatic citizen of your garden in winter and spring, watch with delight as the blooming white flowers herald the coming of sweet-smelling summer.

Botanical Name:Lavandula angustifolia 'Arctic Snow'
Growing Zones:5-9
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Light Requirements:Full sun
Mature Height:18-24 in.
Mature Spread:12-18 in.
Characteristics:Attracts Hummingbirds & Butterflies, Fragrant