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Mediterranean White Winter Heath
Mediterranean White Winter Heath
Mediterranean White Winter Heath

Mediterranean White Winter Heath

Erica x darleyensis 'Mediterranean White'

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This white flowering heath is a gorgeous evergreen shrub that grown in a mounding shape and is deer resistant. This variety thrives in cooler summer climates and would be beautiful planted together with other heath & heather varieties like our Mediterranean Pink & Furzey to make a border, woodland or rock garden. This heath has a spread of 3 ft and blooms from late winter to mid spring, blooming in a creamy white with dark green needle like foliage that stays green throughout the year.

Very low maintenance, an easy grower. No pruning necessary. Loves full sun and rich acid soils with excellent drainage. Won’t tolerate standing water & leaves could yellow in alkaline soil. Grows at a slower pace and can reach 15 inches high and will live in your garden for many many years to come!

When planting, it’s best to dig a hole twice the width of the pot. Heathers & heaths have shallow root systems, so do not plant them too deeply. If your soil is heavy clay you’ll need to either amend it or create a raised bed. Would benefit from mulch and deep watering until established.
Botanical Name:Erica x darleyensis 'Mediterranean White'
Growing Zones:6-9
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Light Requirements:Full sun to partial shade
Mature Height:14-18 in.
Mature Spread:24-30 in.
Blooms:Late winter to early spring
Characteristics:Winter blooms, Evergreen