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Ornamental succulents are closely related to cacti. Their thick, ‘succulent’ leaves hold water making these plants ideal for rock garden and water conscious, xeriscaping conditions. Succulents are highly prized for the masses of elaborate, multihued foliage they produce. Colorful rosettes, pinwheels, thick bottlebrush like forms are just some of the varieties you will encounter with these versatile plants. Being extremely hardy, they can be planted just about anywhere you want to uniquely add texture and color. Use individual plants tucked away in crevices and rock walls as exotic filler. Get creative and plant in mass to produce spectacular groundcovers. Don’t be afraid to mix and match species for even more of an artistic impact in your garden. They will have your neighbors asking themselves, “Why am I using annuals?” For succulents require little if any maintenance and offer something beautifully distinctive in the landscape.