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Ludwig Spaeth Lilac
Pamela Whitehouse
Beautiful and healthy

I have long wanted a Lilac and this one has a lot of promise. It’s still a little shell shocked from traveling across the country but overall it’s healthy and should soon start to grow and settle in.

Dappled Willow
Patricia Karayiannis
Nice plants

Beautifully packaged, no damage, a bit wilted...from past experience I know they will develop into beautiful plants

Excellent garden resource

I don't normally submit reviews but my recent experience with The Greenhouse was extraordinarily great. Your communications and tips were stellar every step of the way, and the Tor Spirea were in beautiful shape when they arrived. I wanted to get them settled into the front garden to get a start before fall and, in spite of a sudden heat wave, they are healthy and growing well. Thank you for providing such outstanding green products and service.

White Pampas Grass
Melissa Hickson
Excellent communication

Would absolutely buy from again.
Perfect plants, wonderful info about care and planting and great email notifications

Pink Pampas Grass
Christine Swieszcz
Why won’t it ship to California?

Just noticed it can’t ship to California. Does anyone know why?

Hello Christine,
Pampas grass is deemed invasive in CA due to it's ability to seed and spread on bare ground. Because of this the state of CA doesn't allow it to be shipped in unfortunately


My plants are hanging on for dear life in this hot climate. It was not clear on the site of the plants were drought resistant or not. In the future, that would be helpful to note if the plants are drought tolerant or not.

Hi Jeremy,
I just sent you an email. We do put drought tolerant on our plants that are under their characteristics. Unfortunately the leatherleaf is not drought tolerant and has average watering needs. Especially as it gets established it will need soil checks and regular watering. :)

Very satisfied

We bought two blueberry bushes. They came quickly and were packed so well. No shipping damage at all. Following the clear instructions, we let them recover for a day in dappled shade and then planted them (first removing and eating the ripe blueberry on one bush!!). They are doing very well, even in our blazing hot sun. I see no signs of stress at all several weeks later. I will be back next time we need bushes!

Great Plant

The plant arrived in great shape and is very beautiful.

Aurora haskap

Put the bushes in the ground they had a tough trip, lots of browning on the leaves, hopeful they will make it!


Thanks for reaching out to hello@thegreenhousepnw.com so we were able to remedy this. :) If they don't take of course please reach back out!

Root Thrive Fertilizer
Sheryl Appell


Maiden Grass "Gracillimus"

so far so good! it has already been growing and i am very pleased. i purchased Zebra grass last year and it is doing great also! Thank you!!!

Blueberry 'Toro'
Amber Sharp

Blueberry 'Toro'

Root Thrive Fertilizer
Cheryl Scott

Root Thrive Fertilizer

Can’t wait for the fall color and berries next year.

I ordered 3 Autumn Brilliance service berry trees. They arrived in excellent condition. I can’t wait for the red fall color and the berries in June. I’m not sure when they’ll produce their berries (it might take a couple years) they’re a gift for the birds anyway.

Snowcap Shasta Daisy
Carol Mincey
Shasta Daisy

Flowers arrived. in tack and alive. Good job.

Healthy Plant

My lilac bush arrived quickly and in great shape. It’s in the ground and seems to be adapting to its new home nicely!

Pink Pampas Grass
gary casey

Plants arrived in superb condition. In the ground a couple of days later and said they were very happy with their new location.

Very Healthy Little Trees

My little trees were shipped quickly and arrived in perfect condition, here in Edinboro, Pennsylvania. The trees were wrapped securely, and well-secured within the box. I planted them about a week ago and they are doing well, with new growth. I plan to purchase more plants and trees from The Greenhouse.

Maiden Grass ‘Gracillimus’
Catherine Sprunger

My plant came perfectly boxed and is doing great in my landscaping.

Isanti Red Twig Dogwood
Charles Daniels
Red Twig Dogwoods

Plants arrived in Fabulous condition

Pink Pampas Grass
Marcy J Thompson
Very well packaged

I was pleasantly surprised to see how well packaged my plants were. Upon arrival they were still moist. They were very healthy and larger than I expected.

Autumn Brilliance Growing Brilliantly

My two Autumn Brilliance serviceberry bushes have taken quite nicely to their new home, in no small part thanks to how safely they packed and shipped. They are already putting out new growth and have been fairly low maintenance for recent transplants. I would definitely buy from here again.

Pink Pampas Grass
Nicole Delattre
Plant Is Healthy

Nice healthy plant. Looking forward to its bloom.

Veronica 'Royal Candles'
Donna Peterson
Royal candles

First year I got them they didn't do much, but this year they've gone crazy. So pretty, I have them in a large container. One question whe the flowers die should I cut them off.

Yes! If you deadhead spent blooms it encourages new blooms to pop up! :)

Pink Pampas Grass
Kathy Lefler
Great customer service!

I am totally happy with the plant and the customer service from this company! I will use them from now on!