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50% success

I was a little unsure how a few of them would do upon arrival. But I had high hopes because I was attentive to them when planted and they seemed as though they began to bounce back. But unfortunately 3 of the six didn’t survive the winter. Such a bummer because they are a sweet little pop of color in the stark winter.

Great quality

Arrived in perfect condition and is doing very well in my garden. It's probably the best looking plant I ever received by mail. I live in Florida and I planted it late last summer. It's been growing slowly even during the colder season.

Heavenly Bamboo

recent purchase

I recently purchased ornamental grasses from The Greenhouse and they were packed very well. I followed their easy instructions upon opening, then planted in the ground. Hoping they will begin to grow soon.

not good

plant arrived almost dead

Hello Stephen,

I just sent you an email. Please reach out at anytime with comments or concerns and I am here to help Hello@greenhousepnw.com

As always arrived in great condition. I only purchase from greenhouse.

Strawberry plants

So fr, everything looks good. Hope to see a lot of growth as the weather warms.

It arrived in beautiful condition and did very well when planted.

Pink Rock Rose

Received all 4 plants in excellent condition. Can't wait for Spring!

Arrived in good condition

So far, so good! I planted them just as the instructions said, and so far, they look good. Can't say the same for the grasses, tho :( They appear to be dead.

Hello Carolyn,

I just sent you an email! Your burgundy bunny grass should be dormant this time of year, totally normal for it to appear 'dead'. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out at hello@thegreenhousepnw.com

Very pretty tree

Packed well, arrived healthy and green!

pink mullet

plants arrived in good shape and were packed well

Oat grass

Plants arrived in impressive packaging. All items were in great shape.

Received the heather In great condition. Planted in Georgia soil and loving it.

Heuchera 'Carnival Peach Parfait'

They are perfect. Exactly what I wanted.

Great plants

The size alone will ensure they get a great start! They are packed well with fast delivery.

Plants arrived in great condition and are now doing well in the garden. You get what you order from the Greenhouse. My go to online nursery.

Growing so fast!!

The grass has grown so fast and filled in its spot

Color Guard Yucca

Lavender Beauties

I was extremely impressed with the quality of plants I received. Packaged very safely, they arrived in tact. Fast and easy, easy, easy! Will definitely order from The Greenhouse again!


A couple were perfect and a couple were brown and not very appealing.

Arrived beautifully packaged.

Packaging was expert, impressive. I did expect a bigger plant but it is planted and doing well.


I ordered 4. 2 are perfect and the other 2 are struggling

Arrived in good condition

The grasses appear to be in good condition. I followed the directions and ensured they were well watered and set on my covered back patio for actually 2 days, and then planted them. One already appears to be starting to take off, although the other doesn't look nearly as well. I thought I'd give it a few more days and hopefully I'll start seeing some new growth.

Red gem

This plant is gorgeous. It arrived perfectly packaged like Houdini did it. It has been planted for 3 months and thrives well. I have ordered many plants for this company and absolutely everything grows. I’ve struck gold!