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Very small canes

Kinda disappointed in how small the canes and plant is overall. It did arrive healthy and well packaged just hope it grows into a more stronger mature rose!

New Dawn Climbing Rose
Michelle Hess
Healthy rose bush

When I received the rose bush I thought it was a bit small but within 3 weeks it has grown into a healthy plant with a first bloom! Beautiful pale pink/white color.

Root Thrive Fertilizer
Michelle Hess

I used the root thrive fertilizer when I planted my climbing rose bush and I have a healthy plant and the first bloom in just 3 weeks.

Northern Sea Oats
Tim McKenney

Northern Sea Oats

Snowball viburnum

Look at him go! I couldn't be happier with service, shipping, and product.

Root Thrive Fertilizer
Darlene Rowland

Root Thrive Fertilizer

New Dawn Climbing Rose
Frances Anne
Healthy but small

Received in good condition, the plant was small but healthy. It’s been planted a few weeks next to my arbor with some new growth, will see what the summer brings.

Zebra Grass
Leslie Malinowski
Zebra Grass is Growing Fast!

Arrived looking very healthy. Planted right away and it's already shot up about 2 more inches within the first week!

Double Pink Peony
Thi Phuong Thao Lai

Double Pink Peony

Ludwig Spaeth Lilac
Katherine Hawkins

Everything arrived in great shape. Thank you!

Wheels of wonder

I received my four plants in good order. Just one note, I wish the size of the flower was included. I probably would not have bought it if I had known they were so tiny. Butt I found a good place for them and they are doing well.

Mediterranean White Winter Heath

Cotoneaster Low-Fast
Donna MacDonald
10 Cotoneasters….Perfect!

Received these beautiful plants very quickly and they were packaged with care. I was very surprised at the condition of the plants. They were much larger than I expected and were perfect shape, no dried or dead branches. Will definitely order from this company again. Great job!

Cotoneaster Low-Fast
Patricia Novak

Exceeded expectations!

Dappled Willow
Mindful Gardener
Totally satisfied

The bushes arrived in excellent condition. Good sized healthy plants. I will definitely be a repeat customer.

No leaves nor signs of growth. Looked like dead plant and dirt pots.

Have continued to attend with water & sunlight. Only one of the plants has responded by sprouting a few tiny leaves.

Disappointed. Expected plants that would be vibrant and starting to be showy specimens.

Attempts to reach company via e-mail have proven ineffective.

If received while dormant this is their normal appearance. I have just sent you an email though, if they aren't putting on growth that isn't what we want to hear and will be happy to help handle it! :) I haven't gotten any emails from your account since 2020 though so maybe the wrong company was emailed? If there is ever a question or concern please reach out to hello@ thegreenhousepnw.com and we are happy to help!

Georgie Pie Dianthus

The plants arrived well packaged and in great condition. I planted them about 6 weeks ago and have been anxious to see them bloom. They’re beautiful and smell amazing! Very happy with my purchase.

Root Thrive Fertilizer
Patricia Lucente

The rose I ordered came perfectly packed and in good condition….. but I was so disappointed at the size which look like a cutting . The stem was the size of a pencil!
For the price I paid I was expecting a larger specimen rose plant.

Received plants very fast

Received plants very fast, wanted a specific variety and they were the only place I could find them. Super dense root system so I know they are going to be very happy in the ground.

Dwarf Blue Arctic Willow
Cynthia Fridia

Dwarf Blue Arctic Willow

Koko Loko™ Rose
Taylor Rose
Juvenile Plants - Will take awhile to reach maturity

This is my first purchase from The Greenhouse. They’re one of the only online sellers who have stock of Koko Loko and Distant Drums and will ship to CA. The roses arrived well wrapped and protected and within 3 days of my purchase. However, it is important to note that both plants were small and have very juvenile canes. They’re one gallon. It’s going to take both plants awhile to reach full maturity and stability. I will keep an eye on them and update with pictures :) I’m not too worried I’ve had both adult varieties before. I’m just happy to have them again!

Undaunted Ruby Muhly Grass

The plants arrived in perfect condition. Thanks for the prompt, professional shipping!

Pink Pampas Grass
Paul Klevinsky
Excellent Product!!

Would keep buying from them!

Marilyn Monroe™ Rose
Sara Brooder
Marilyn Monroe Rose 2qt

The plant arrived promptly and was perfectly healthy upon delivery. It has now been in the ground for over a week and has leafed out wonderfully, and is growing fast and vigorously! The stems are petite, roughly pencil sized and a foot or so tall, but as Marilyn is an older and difficult variety to find this is what I would expect. I also ordered the smaller size (2qt) to match my other young roses. I would easily recommend or buy from The Greenhouse again. Thank you all!

Stellar Polka Rose

This rose is located in a prime spot in the front of my home, and will, once fully established, grace the landscape with beauty, and provide lovely home fragrance through the open front window. I can hardly wait!