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7 plants to Wow

I bought 7 on a whim, 2 years later, my pathway stuns me all summer long! Excellent plants, takes a beating from ice, snow, winds, rain, heat and no problems.

White Pampas Grass

My new plants arrived safely and packaged very nicely! The dirt was even still moist. I have planted them and am now excitedly waiting for them to grow and bloom! Thank you!!

Rosemary 'Tuscan Blue'
charles bonanno

Arrived secure and alive , although two of the plants died prior to transplant and one died shortly after transplant. I water them daily and kept them in indirect light. Is replacement possible?

Hi Charles,

I just sent you an email regarding this and next steps to get replacements sent out! I'm sorry to hear you experienced some loss. When you said they were kept in indirect light you mean only for their 24 hours of acclimation correct and not for the last two weeks? They do need full sunlight especially after shipping they are hungry for sunshine. :)

Pink Pampas Grass
Donald Schneck
Pampas Grass

I ordered pink Pampas grasses. They arrived quickly in great shape. Packaging protected them. I planted them and they are looking great.

Dianthus 'Firewitch'
Beverly Studer

The plant arrived in great condition. Growing great

Pink Pampas Grass
Pampas Grass

The new plants arrived timely and in good condition. I haven’t planted them as of yet because the weather here has been so terrible so they plants are out on my front deck getting acclimated to the weather but also where they get some natural light and rain. I can’t wait to plant them and watch them grow. I live by the Pacific Ocean in Washington State and there are a lot of homes with pampas grass. Now I will have some too. It’s a perfect coastal plant! Thank you!

Root Thrive Fertilizer
Charles Curtis
Recent purchase

Everything arrived in perfect order and the plants were planted the next day.

Pampas Grass

I ordered pink and white pampas grass. It came fast and was packaged perfectly. No spilling of dirt, damage to plants. The plants are healthy and great size. I will order more plants for the Greenhouse

Healthy plants!

They rosemary came well packed and were damp on arrival. I only docked a star as a few rosemary have spots on them. Hoping that goes away once they've been established and I give them a little care. Overall the plants are awesome. I'm making another order as I write this review.

Gold Bar Maiden Grass
Edwina Greenspan

Gold Bar Maiden Grass

Pink Pampas Grass
christy collins

Pink Pampas Grass

Heather ‘Firefly’
Cathy Rayden
Heather firefly

All my plants from the greenhouse always arrive in excellent condition and continue to thrive over the years. This was no exception!

Root Thrive Fertilizer
susane latremouille
Root Thrive Fertilizer

My plant has grown after only 2 weeks. So it is working.

Hairs Whirling Butterflies

I have not received this package.

I just sent you an email! Your FedEx link shows it was delivered on the 15th. If there is ever a question or concern please reach out to and we are happy to help!

Never received it

I ordered this the same day. I ordered my star jasmine plant, but I never received the fertilizer..

Flame Grass
Bill Croke
Delivery was excellent

It’s difficult getting delivery in the dormant state, but they’re the rules. We waited with bated breath for the next three months

Creeping Raspberry
Barry Gower

Creeping Raspberry

Pink Pampas Grass
Mary Poninski

Plants arrived healthy and well packed...I followed direction and planted them, sure it be a while before seeing any growth or blooms! I am anxious to see how they do here in the high desert. Mary P. from Kingman, AZ.

Dwarf Fountain Grass 'Hameln'

Creeping Rosemary
Mark Lichtenstein
Great Plant!

Had a shipping problem, entirely the fault of FEDEX. Kristi was extremely helpful and accommodating. The rosemary arrived 4 days late, was well packed and is healthy and happily sitting in it’s new home on our back porch!

Bundles Of Joy

My Heather “Kramer’s Red” arrived sooner than expected. They came in excellent condition and a surprisingly amount of blooms. I followed the instructions. Although we are now in the beginning of the winter (cold season) they responded quite nicely once they were planted and perked up right away and so far look really good. I won’t know until spring how well they will do. So far I am both happy and optimistic and I am looking forward to seeing how they fare. They were packaged really well.

Flame Grass
Janice James
Very Satisfied Customer

I couldn't believe how well the bushes looked and were packaged for mailing. I will definitely look forward to buying from The Greenhouse again.

Pink Pampas Grass
Sue Barnum
Pink Pampas Grass

I love this plant. It looked great when it arrived (still moist and all green). It went through a good deal of shock when planted and I thought I mighty lose it but with the rain we finally got, it seems to be greening up again. I’m excited about seeing it grow in the spring.

Pink Pampas Grass
Kayanna Spooner

Quick and packaged perfectly!

Dwarf Burning Bush
Pat Thies

Great Service. Kept me up to date on delivery. Bush was large and healthy. Extremely pleased with this company and plan on ordering again.